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north eastern slang word for good marajuana usualy used in the getto or on the phone for a paraoid dealer of drugs
(phone) yo man i need that hook up on corn this week
by Zachary Finch May 27, 2007
188 163
another word for a butthole
''hey is it true,nunnas licked that girl's corn?
by cheeboiiwasabi October 31, 2010
33 19
At term on uses when they partake in the act of cornering someone. (See definition 11 of corner) Can use the word "mad" before it to add emphasis.
"Wow, corns, now."

"Mad corns, dude."
by I'm a bum June 23, 2006
19 15
The thing that makes up about 99.99% of Iowa's economy. If there's no corn, Iowa will die.
"This drought is going to kill us all here in Iowa. Even worse, it's killing the corn."
by milez97 July 25, 2012
15 12
Acronym for "Clean Out (the) Refrigerator Night." Used to describe a dinner of leftovers.
"I'm taking it easy tonight. Dinner is going to be C.O.R.N."
by Gator Pam February 22, 2007
6 5
The act of cornering someone. One can add the word "mad" at the beginning to add emphasis.
1. "Nico, corns!"
2. "Nico is giving mad corns!"
by jeff56738294 June 26, 2006
13 12

Children of the Corn

Corn = Cream
by addad June 02, 2011
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