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Meaning, essentailly, an odd, unique, peculiar, special, etc. person.

Simliar to "You're a trip"

Not necessarily bad, though not good either.
You're a corker <insert name here>.
by The Gord April 01, 2005
top quality, nothing can beat it, classic.
that joke was a corker......
#classic #top quality #the best #none better #great
by Jay J July 13, 2006
1. n. Something that is better than the rest.
2. n. Something that will stop any debate on the subject.
1. Man, your car is a corker.

2. Jude just gave that corker of a speech and we all shut up.
by Brian Eakerous December 15, 2003
Someone with an extreme sense of humor.
That dude is a real funny Corker.
by Dave M May 04, 2004
An angry little man with self hate issues. He has a penis so small it is the shape and size of a cork. He is so desperate to shag women, he dry humps them into submission.
He tried to shag Rachelle last night, he is such a little corker.
#corker #shag #dry hump #cork #penis #small
by indybob April 09, 2009
A "corker" is nothing more than a funny joke that evokes laughter. All these other definitions are way off course.
Jim: "Did you hear the one about the..."?
Tim: "Yeah, that was a real corker!"
#joke #laugh #funny #hilarious #did you hear the one
by Corker-Man November 11, 2009
When you are fuckin a girl up the ass, you take your cock out and shove a cork up her ass
I cork 'er my girlfriend for her birth day
#but #haha #cork #buddy #ouch
by hfnkjslajiasldjfs January 08, 2010
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