1. A fit bird from an Irish pop group.
2. The ugly bloke from the same group.
by Bagpuss August 15, 2003
1. A crack whore
2. A person that smokes weed all the time and is pretty lazy.
3. A bum
1. Look at that core walking the streets!!
2. That core is such a fucking core!!!
3. Look at that core in the trash can!!
by corecrippi June 15, 2009
A FPS for the Nintendo DS coming out December 16th 2008.
Will Be ont of the best FPS's on DS yet.
Person 2: What?
Person 1: OMG OMG OMG C.o.r.e. Is Out lets Play The ONLINE 1337 GAME!!!
Person 2: Okay! :D
by I use M3 Real DS December 02, 2008
Suffix for many sub-genres of metal. Most of which suck ass. If something is 'core' then that just means it is shitty or monotonous or dirivative.
Stop listening to that mallcore crap and pick up some Opeth.
by matt April 10, 2005
1.) The center of a body of matter, usually spherical.

2.) The cause of something
We have got to get to the core of this.
by www.flamepillar.com August 17, 2003
Another way of saying, Military service, even though it is supposed to be spelled corps it is sometimes said "Core"
Trained in the Core!
by Marine Brian July 07, 2006
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