suffix added to a bunch of musical genres supposedly branching off of 80s hardcore punk. Some of these genres are more mainstream and more watered down than others. However, in the latter years, even the true DIY genres are being polluted by a huge influx of scenesters and other types of upstuck little high school cliques who think punk is "hip." Now everybody wants to listen to the unpopular bands cause being unpopular is cool. Angsty clueless trendy teens have used the shit out of "core"
"2 years ago, nobody knew who the fuck Charles Bronson were. Now they're the "in" thing, just like converse chuck taylors"

"Screamo, metalcore, and all those lame ass genres scenesters revere and call "hardcore" are nothing but whiny crappy hot topic commercial bullshit"

"Holy shit! When will we invent something new these trendy-ass bastards won't know about?"

by yourmomspenis March 06, 2007
The centre of the earth
The centre of an apple
The centre of something else
The earth's core is very hot
I'm gonna throw away this apple core becuase there is no more apple on it.
The core of something, is the centre.
by xxmelxx November 12, 2006
(Shit). It is something to add to a music style that will be a guarantee the music is (horrendous) shit.
Usually has melodic guitars like U2 but will in addition have some 21-year-old college-drop-out, I-scream-out-of-key-to-be-cool, frontman... The singer will then proceed to sing very (emo) and confuse the audience with giving them a sound that makes them think "not bad, its actually pretty good now," and then he will then proceed to scream again out of key, and make everyone in the audience wish they never experimented with "Core" style music.
by BigHotScaryGermans September 09, 2005
A suffix that signifies suckiness and overall lack of quality in a pathetic attempt to make something sound "badass". If a genre of music ends in "core", you can be sure it sucks, and is listened to only by poseur faggots.
Emocore, hardcore, metalcore, rapcore
by choas June 15, 2005
core. hed. sometimes corehed. maybe hedcore
my momo's name is flaffy
by yogurt_fog August 15, 2003
what gets dumped when things go wrong.
I was so confused i dumped core.
by mellowredspell August 15, 2003
The centre. The innermost part of an (usually spherical) object.
He ate all the apple except the core.
At the centre of the Earth is a magma core.
by Drazyl August 15, 2003
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