master of all counter-stike ownage and all.
core aka musser vs SK core wins 12 - 0

by matt March 07, 2003
The central point of an object.
The apple core tastes awful, it's full of bitter seeds.
by Nate August 21, 2003
Stupid, dumb, or plain
That guy was so Core he didn't know what 3+3 was.
That white shirt is too core, you need a shirt with a design.
by SFPFTL November 11, 2007
A person who listens to deathcore, hardcore, metalcore etc. and dresses in a range of clothing. Has fat stretched ears, scene hair. Also has a strong liking to smoke weed and drink; and most likely owns a New Era cap
"Man, that kid's got a new Nike jacket and a sweet lookin' New Era cap".

"Yeah, he's clearly Core".
by maxACRE December 30, 2007
Prefix others use to describe new raw edgy music that isn't necessarily good (rapcore), sex (hardcore), porn (softcore)and/or sound cool when doing so.

Im music, it is used to create or describe new genres.
Hardcore, softcore, rapcore, emocore, metalcore, shredcore, thrashcore, heartcore.
by someone March 18, 2004
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