A stupid game where when someone says something that could be seen as innappropriate another player says "copy" and then when they say "paste" the person must repeat the phrase in whatever context the copier would like. However, a person may say "delete" to stop from being copied.
Bob: I'm gonna punch you in the face!
Danny: Copy

Grandma: Hi Bobby
Danny: Paste
Bob: I'm gonna punch you in the face!

copy and paste
by scotty2hottie194 October 02, 2009
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to "copy" text and "paste" it
- used to avoiding repeative typing
- to avoid "writing"

note: if proceeding with copy and paste, please read it and make enough changes to call it your own
so what if it copy and paste is playtorium, it gave me an B on my project!!!!!
by GODloljking January 24, 2007
Selling a thought, information, or style as your own to a neophyte so others can be impressd by your knowledge, even though you spent the last 78 minutes on the Internet looking up the info you are spewing.
The guys I work with copy and paste info to the customers so they can assert their 'GURU' status.
by juan phat kat November 27, 2010
waaaa wawawa waaaa waa wawa awa awwa awawa wa wa waaaa do you get that? Now pronounce every single syllable of it. Go back and sound it out. Do you understand? waaaa wawawa waaaa waa wawa awa awwa awawa wa wa waaaa . . .. wow! I just retyped that whole thing. Every single letter once and once again, (you can double check) without using copy and paste. So I think we should all give a great thanks to the guy who made "Copy and Paste"; copy and paste being the "copying" and "pasting" of text eliminating redundancy.
"Copy and paste" inventor, I salute you!
by manlymanlyman August 05, 2005

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