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n. (Your Dudness or His Dudeness or Her Dudeness) title used to establish one's ultimate position in the "dude" hierarchy, "Dudeness" being the ultimate ruler of all or at least most other dudes.
"Dudeness over there is sendin' you the googly eyes."
"He's sendin' the googlies?"
by manlymanlyman July 25, 2005
The combination of the word "ashamed" and "shave." When one is shamed into shaving their hair (includes facial, pubic, eye brow etc.) and they did so only for the sole reason of being shamed. This includes shame brought on by other people and/or self shame of the "hair grower."
Dale: Bill, why did you shave your beard? It's not even Movember.
Bill: My manager asked me to be clean shaven because my beard looked "unprofessional."
Dale: You look horrible, Bill.
Bill: I know! I'm so ashamved!
by manlymanlyman January 13, 2016
waaaa wawawa waaaa waa wawa awa awwa awawa wa wa waaaa do you get that? Now pronounce every single syllable of it. Go back and sound it out. Do you understand? waaaa wawawa waaaa waa wawa awa awwa awawa wa wa waaaa . . .. wow! I just retyped that whole thing. Every single letter once and once again, (you can double check) without using copy and paste. So I think we should all give a great thanks to the guy who made "Copy and Paste"; copy and paste being the "copying" and "pasting" of text eliminating redundancy.
"Copy and paste" inventor, I salute you!
by manlymanlyman August 05, 2005

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