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to "copy" text and "paste" it
- used to avoiding repeative typing
- to avoid "writing"

note: if proceeding with copy and paste, please read it and make enough changes to call it your own
so what if it copy and paste is playtorium, it gave me an B on my project!!!!!
by GODloljking January 24, 2007
-it's amost like "Half way to 1st BASE", coming close too but not even close too all the way, without intent, couldn't help it
- DAM her boobs are so big, when I greeted her I skimmed off them. I hope she don't blam me for "cappin a touch"
by GODloljking November 17, 2006
having intercourse
-heterosexual: man and a women
-homosexual: same sex
-bisexual: it's all good
If your a man and have sex/attracted to a women, it's straight sex

If your a man and have sex/attracted to a man, it's straight sex

It's all about you choice for consentual sex and if it feels right..... it's straight sex
by GODloljking November 02, 2006

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