A person who copies the exact actions of another individual
Jordan was called "Copo" after imitating the actions of Joe and Matt
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a simple term used for getting COD points in the new call of duty black ops game
Robert:yoooooo i just got 1000 copo in one game!

Ted: dude,get a life
by tedmoney1234 November 09, 2010
Central office production order. Term used by muscle car enthusiasts, specifically Chevy, to refer to a car purchased through the Central Office. The CO was mainly used for specialty orders, i.e. a fleet of custom-color cars. Dealers found a way to use this to their advantage and have high-power engines placed in cars, all while keeping them completely factory, as all COPO vehicles were produced at the factory, or reflected this in the VIN (vehicle identification number). The term has since fallen out of usage since custom orders are many times placed into third-party hands.
If you find someone selling a COPO Chevelle for $1000, and the numbers match, you'd be an idiot not to buy it.
by cchriss92 October 28, 2007
(ko-po) (College Police) Law enforcement wannabes usually found on college campuses. They can often be found driving small, under-powered, foreign imports with dorky decals. They are often seen wearing their trademark "dress floods" and shiny boots. Their call is often heard echoing through the halls as a mixture of overpowering radio static and the jingling of their vast collection of keys.
ViXXoR: Hey, Terry, what are the copo like, I've heard they come after you before?

Terry McSexpants: They are the lamest bunch of fucking idiots. They don't speak, its more of a slur. It's like they've eaten too much junk food and stared at a computer screen too long, and are just tired and want to go hang out in their mother's basements and post on forums and play magic cards.

They try and act tough and its like, whats their biggest weapon, a roll of quarters to call the actual police? They have all the authority of the coin-operated telephones at the mall. Unless you hit them or break something, and then they're allowed to direct you to the office and take ur picture. So that if you EVER go back there, and break something again, they can "detain" you (ask u to stay) while they get the cops there.
by ViXXoR October 13, 2005
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