To purchase or aquire.
I wanna cop some drugs.
by anarchypunk April 25, 2005
To do without drawing too much attention to yourself.
I copped a feel of her tittie!
by dfkljds April 28, 2003
Dude who's ruining the party.
"Man, who brought the cop?"
by kingsexy February 28, 2003
1) bullies with attitude that think they're tough cause they have guns and walkie talkie
2) bald, fat, ugly pigs that get their sallary from people that earn their money and yet take hapiness, respect, and freedom from people regardless of the law
3) racist biggots that dont deserve everything they get
gangstaz: that cops on patrol, lets ambush him, ill shoot out his tires, you open fire through his windshild
by criccet October 06, 2005
to purchase
"come to the hood and you can cop that"
by jim June 24, 2003
The chance of pussy you may get from one individual woman.
Hey dude, what do you think my COP is for that hot bitch over there?

Man, what the hell.. you ruined my COP with that girl!
by CraigAM January 22, 2009
To be angry or pissed of at someone. Anger
Why are you in a cop with me?
What you copping for?
I'm in a cop with Anna
by xbabyabyx December 10, 2007
originated in Portsmouth sulk or be moody over react
'she's in a cop'
'he's copped'
'they've got a cop/cob on'
by Alecznikita October 17, 2006

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