- A shorter version of the word cooter, which basically means vagina. "coot" is less crass-sounding than "cooter". It is probably most similar in connotation to the word twat when referencing a vagina, as opposed to pussy, which has a more sexual connotation and snatch which sounds pretty crass.

- More commonly a "coot" is an older, usually male person, and generally refers to a perceived diminished capacity, uncouthness or senility. Typically said "old coot".
She's got a pretty ugly coot for a pornstar.

That old coot hanging out on his porch all day is always yelling at the kids for no reason.
by Laqueshus June 05, 2009
cool/cute. when someone tells you something in hopes to put you down and yet you dont give a fuck.
ratchet ex boy/girlfriend "i can get someone way better"
me "thats coot"
by bawsasshoe March 20, 2014
Someone who smokes, doesn't take a shower, doesn't shave, has long hair, and usually lives on the other side of the tracks.
Look at those coots over there smoking and working on that broke down Nova when they should be in school.
by jackbrown May 11, 2009
Can be the shortened version of, "Cutie", or "Cute". Can be used in a flirtatious way with a girl/guy in any situation. Can be used if you wanna call a girl/guy a funny, dorky name. Might be used as a nick-name as well. Can be a pseudonym as well.
Guy: What's up coots? :)
Girl: Not Much, coots. :)

Coots is ma nig!

Coots is the shit.
by TheRealBaconator April 09, 2013
The root word of "cooter" which refers to a woman's vagina.
Ever since I slept with John, my coot has been itchin' somethin' fierce!
by Adam Rothchild May 22, 2004
coot: when a jewish male kicks a pigion
remember that episode of have i got news for you that you missed? well its was about the everyday coot
by jimmysquiggles August 02, 2009
Variation of the word Cute.
Used in a sort of baby talk way and paired with mispellings of other words.

-Trademarked by Zeea Darling
"Aww dat kitty ish so coot!"
by Zeea Darling August 25, 2009
(slang)- of great shock value.

See definition #8

Commonly used in conjunction with "dang" and "night" for more emotional emphasis.
8 Dollars? Coot night that's like a dollar an hour!

(after taking a shot of liquor) Coooooooooooot dang that hits hard!

Cooooooooooooot night that cop is pulling me over!

Coooooooooot dang my wife wants me to stop drinking and go home.
by Turd_Ferguson_Poops February 28, 2009
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