oft. derog. a black person, a negro

derived from the apparent sound of pigeons ("look at the coons, look at the coons...")
A black woman and her son board a plane which is full of 'KKK' members. The pilot, being a 'Klansman' himself, realises this and, after the flight has taken off, he says over the P.A.,"to avoid an emergency, we must shed some weight. Unfortunately, someone will have to jump from the plane. To save any problems, we'll go in alphabetical order. A is for 'African Americans.'"

The woman and her child don't move.

"B is for 'Blacks.'"

They still don't move.

"C is for 'coons.'"

They still don't get up.

The little boy turns to his mother and says, "Mum, why didn't we get up, all of those names describe us."

His mother replied, "it's okay, son, 'K' comes before 'N'. We're 'Niggers' today."
by fat_frank June 17, 2009
as with nigger, an offensive term for a black person
I always wanted my daughter to hook up with a smart, ambitious white man - so you can imagine my horror when she brought home a coon
by Meaning Mark June 02, 2005
Plural of coon; Multiple Australian Aboriginals
We all Packed in the car like coons on the way to the bottle shop for some coolibah
by Shaun March 14, 2005
Brand name of an Australian cheese, once owned by an American company Kraft, but due to is racial undertones was sold back to an Australian company (Dairy Famers).
Damn I wish i had not had that whole block of coon, now I'm backed up.
by Danpat December 31, 2005
derogatory term used towards blacks
u fukin coon im goin 2 end u
by TheVerticalSmirk August 18, 2006
A small North American mammal native to woodlands and cities.

Also known as a raccoon and distinctive for its grey fur, long bushy tail and masklike markings on his face.
Dammit Jed, the coons are gittin' in our garbage agin!
by branqon April 19, 2006
(noun)pronounced ;kün
1.A black person, or person of equally dark skin rivaling that of the night.
Etymology: Coon is derived from the word Raccoon. Raccoons are have black markings over there eyes resembling a bandit mask. Are well known for sneaking into town and stealing food. The shortened version is also used as a nickname for black people, because like the raccoon they love to steal.
Joe: Better lock all the doors from now on.
Sarah: Why?
Joe: Those coons that moved in down the street we're eyeballing me and frank when we we're bringing in the new HDTV.
Sarah: Well we definitely don't want there ashy cotton pickers on our new TV.
by *Brent* October 15, 2007

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