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The alternative ego of Cartman from South Park.
Kyle: We all know your the coon Cartman

Cartman: Suck my balls you stupid jew
by Maxwell1234 April 19, 2011
15 10
A petrol sniffing, woman beating, wallet stealing waste of space.
Man: "Did you see that coon at the petrol station?"
Woman: "Yeah he tried to hit me and steal my wallet."
Coon: "Shut ya fuckin mouth white trash, I can fuckin' hear ya cunt."
by Lick me 'ole November 23, 2009
28 23
A racist term for black people but one that was once the subject of popular music at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Hey Marty, that songs great, what's it called?
(Marty) - It's called "who stole all my chicken"
Shit Marty, is this another one of those songs?
(Marty) - Coons steal chicken - i'm just telling a story here
by Noggles March 07, 2013
7 3
put that dool in my coon
by queefing all day and night July 03, 2011
7 3
Coon is the nickname for coon ass meaning hyper and outgoing. If you have a friend called coon you are very lucky. A coon will always take care of his friends.
Guy: dude look its Coon

Girl: I miss Coon
by DarkFireCajun November 24, 2011
6 3
Shortened name for a racoon tan, ie the light patch left after tanning from the sun while wearing goggles or sunglasses.
"Duncan has an awesome coon after that snowboarding trip!".
by Mnemonik April 07, 2010
12 9
Simile for nigger and random cheese brand in Australia
coon cheese wtf
by Pepsi and berry February 13, 2010
14 11