It used to mean the same thing as nigger, but now blacks use it against other blacks who think differently from the norm. For example: If you dare talk about how black on black crime is negatively affecting our communities, you'll likely be called a coon.
Omar: "Black lives only matter when a white cop takes it!"
Ali: "Stop coonin!"
by Hidden in shdows March 24, 2016
an insulting term for nigga
"look at all those coons"
"Yeah i know thats a crap load of niggas"
by Rolaf April 10, 2007
The only thing that's worse than a nigger.
You see, a Nigger is just a black person who is lacking in the common sense department.

A "Coon" on the other hand has no common sense, and therefore is a liability to human society, if left alive. But don't worry, most coons are killed prematurely from dropping out of school, drug overdose, and being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The Coon who does manage to survive those things are usually too lazy to do shit.
by kfmoncr December 08, 2010
aka niggers will steal everything u own
Look, that coon just stole a kids bike
by Lil bodybuilder June 12, 2016
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