(noun)pronounced ;kün
1.A black person, or person of equally dark skin rivaling that of the night.
Etymology: Coon is derived from the word Raccoon. Raccoons are have black markings over there eyes resembling a bandit mask. Are well known for sneaking into town and stealing food. The shortened version is also used as a nickname for black people, because like the raccoon they love to steal.
Joe: Better lock all the doors from now on.
Sarah: Why?
Joe: Those coons that moved in down the street we're eyeballing me and frank when we we're bringing in the new HDTV.
Sarah: Well we definitely don't want there ashy cotton pickers on our new TV.
by *Brent* October 15, 2007
To coon is to apply unnessesary and excessive amounts of black eyeliners around the rims of your eyes. A common practice by scene/emo chicks or any girl under the age 19.

It comes from raccoon, because wearing that much makeup makes them look like a raccoon.
Guy 1: "Woah- what is wrong with her eyes? Did she get beat up?"
Guy 2: "No man she just cooned today."
by bangbang973 November 26, 2010
The reason why your bike's missing, your sister's pregnant, and the economy's fucked up. Normally spotted monkeying around on porches or playing jigaboo with your daughter, the average coon typically hibernates while it's unemployed until it has to get a "job", at which point works for half a week then quits, completing it's cycle of life right back where it started. A coon is identifiable by it's dark skin, various "bling", or it's mating call of playing loud rap music through a shitty pimped out 85 station wagon it stole from it's mom. They have traits of cock roaches, being able to survive gun shots, knives, and even nuclear weapons. Much like cock roaches, they are known to nest by the hundreds, laying eggs of deceit all over your neighborhood. Ironically, these eggs often hatch the coon into a prison cell Luckily, coons are highly territorial, and the number one cause of a coon's death is from other coons, which thins out the herd. Maybe one day the coon will become extinct, a product of it's own nature.
Who let all these god damn coons into America? And who keeps feeding the fuckers?
by the Mad John Hess Man July 14, 2011
1. Short for raccoon ; a type of rodent.

2. A rude, racist, and considered an untasteful word used to describe a person of African decent(black person).
1. Get your guns! It's coon hunting season!

2. Damn those coons and all their God forsaken rap music.
by Moegi Da Drummer March 29, 2009
an insulting term for nigga
"look at all those coons"
"Yeah i know thats a crap load of niggas"
by Rolaf April 10, 2007
A black guy who worships white girls and does not like his own race. A black guy who doesn't/barely claims being black
"Look at that fine dark skin over there"

"Girl no, he's a coon"

"Oh never mind then"
by Alwaysreal000 December 14, 2014
Slang for nigger
A:Look, it's a nigger!
B:I prefer to call it a coon.
by JohnnyRebell July 02, 2009

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