an extremely irritating way of saying 'Cool'. Used by Singaporeans who love trying to by cute and original. The phrase turns out sounding pathetic and makes user seem too try-hard to fit into society.
Singaporean: Yo Bro, wanna have lunch?

Other: Nah, i've got things to do, places to go.

Singaporean: Coolies.
by Toejam May 16, 2005
Top Definition
a derogatory word that was used in the early 1800s for chinese laborers
Denis Kearney called the Chinese coolies
by Someone December 01, 2004
Literally, a blatant, presumably intentional misspelling of the improperly plural adverb form of cool, coolly.

1. Like being cool, only more so.

2. Used as adj.; cool, only more so.

3. n. An oriental ethnic group; reknown in the western U.S. for working in near-slavery conditions to do the hard part of building the first trans-continental railroad.

4. n. An offensive racial, (see race), slur against oriental people.
1. No known example of usage.

2-3. After the coolies finished the project, it must have been real coolies to have a trans-continental railroad.

4. I doubt they ever let the coolies ride on it.
by Downstrike May 26, 2004
cigarettes dipped in cocaine
so were were doing some coolies yesterday, and you know...i blew a midget through a glory hole in the basement
by Zach Block June 08, 2005
Very cool, and kind of cute
The viking kittens at rathergood can only eb described as 'coolies.'
by EjoThims May 23, 2004
A cooler way to express the coolness of an object or situation
oh man, that car is so coolies
by Shiv_ November 03, 2008
cans of beer
lets go grab a couple coolies and chill out
by drinking man April 16, 2010
A way for tools to describe Coors beer.
Yo brosef coolies will be flowing next game day!
by FBIntsti September 20, 2009
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