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An idiotic attempt to show derision to a country that saved America's ass more than their own, but just happens to not agree with its current dipshit ruler that HOPEFULLY won't be as successful as the transformation of German Toast into French Toast. Fucking morons, always ordering French Toast just because some Nazi's tried to conquer the world.
I'd like some GERMAN toast with my FRENCH fries, thank you, sir.
by EjoThims May 17, 2004
When you only get half way through sex because their parents walk in.
I went over to my girl's house for some fun, but her parents got home early so I only halfbanged her.
by EjoThims September 11, 2003
Very cool, and kind of cute
The viking kittens at rathergood can only eb described as 'coolies.'
by EjoThims May 23, 2004

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