A really cool restaurant in Toms River, usually the place all the teens in town go to after they go to the decrepit movie theater next door. Known for their great coffee and awesome wraps, as well as the ancient art of karaoke every Monday night. It's got an excellent wait-staff that includes the craziest mofo on the planet Johnny Frana, he belittles and otherwise ridicules all the tweens that come in, but they're too stupid to realize it. The best thing on the menu is the appetizer sampler. In other words, it's the mecca of fun and entertainment if you don't feel like dealing with the bar scene.
Person 1: Hey what are you doing tonight, person 2?
Person 2: I'm gonna go to Cool Beans and watch Johnny belittle some giggling idiots.
Person 1: May I join you for said activity?
Person 2: Of course.
by Echoes917 May 28, 2008
cool beans; if one says it, it becomes contagious to others.
He done moss randy moss. Cool Beans!
by Jack Sparrow 3rd April 21, 2008
awesome, neat, okay, all right, far out, groovy, etc.
(i think i heard this before, but no one else i know remembers it. i don't think i made it up, but i'll gladly take credit. it can get annoying if overused i realize - which i have a tendancy to do...)
person 1: i'm going to the game this saturday.
person 2: cool beans.
person 3: i scored tickets to the ___________ show for half price.
person 1: Cool Beans!
by Susan Ryan October 07, 2007
A very old word your parents might use in front of your super cool friends to seem just as super cool
dad:what are you and your super cool friends up to?


dad:cool beans

*super cool friends walk away*

daughter:thanks dad.
by Goregasm December 04, 2006
1)an expression used when you are excited about something.

2) slang term used by many characters in the alternative comic, Stray Bullets by David Lapham.
Mike: "Let's go see that new movie starring our boy, Seth Green."
Vlad: "Cool Beans!"
by javaturtle January 13, 2004
when something is so cool and there is nothing to explain it.
Rick: that movie was just....COOL BEANS
by nathan 145 September 13, 2007
sub word or better word for sweet or awesome!
Hey i juz found a dollar....COOL BEANS!!
by pLaYbOy_MiNi November 21, 2003

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