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5 definitions by ieatpony118

A person who adds people on social networking site, such as Facebook, even if they don't know them. They will either never look at their profile or talk to them ever, or become very good "friends" over the internet. In most cases, the add-whore will deny that they add everyone and will come up with lame excuses about how they know them. Most commonly found on Facebook or Myspace by teenage girls.
Joey: Wow, you do NOT know 1638 people. You're just an add-whore.
Elizabeth: No I'm not
Joey: Really, who's Jared Smith?
Elizabeth: I went snowboarding with him last week.
Joey: He's black.
by ieatpony118 January 28, 2010
Running into the bathroom to take a dump. Ask soon as you start your dump, you instantly know that you will have to take a shower right after because toilet paper just wont work. if you happen to scrooge in a public restroom, search "Fucked" on UrbanDictionary.com
Joey: Where were you, you've been upstairs for the past 54 minutes?
James: Ya, i scrooged the shit outta your toilet. i then proceeded to take a 10 minute shower.
by ieatpony118 January 23, 2010
An annoying term that homosexual kids in middle school use to make a sentence sound "better". It can be used to describe somebody, used as a statement, or another way to say good bye.
M: Aw, man! i hate that teacher so much! i had her last semester and she gave me a B-
B: Yeah, i hate her, too.
M: Gotta go, Bee
B: Kay, Bee
by ieatpony118 April 11, 2010
A person who goes to see one movie numerous times at the theatre. instead of just downloading it, or waiting till the movie comes out on DVD, this person spend a lump-sum of cash to see a mediocre movie only a normal person would see once.
Kyle: Hey! Want to go see How To Save A Life?
Joey: No, plus you've already seen it like 4 times. You're just being a Blackwood Watcher by going back numerous times!
kyle: I know but it's very touching!
by ieatpony118 February 16, 2010
A term that actually explains how you porked someone. Used to describe something very favorable or pleasing.
Greg: hey tom, what did you do this weekend?
Tom: i cool beans'd the shit out of your dog!
Greg: you mean my sister?
Tom: why would i do that to your sister?
by ieatpony118 January 23, 2010