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To fail to give or trace the source for while conducting oneself in a self-righteous manner.

Related forms:

cooksourcing, cooksourced
"I had to cooksource my research paper to meet the deadline. The dude I stole it from should be grateful that I'm using his work."

1. plagiarize

2. rip off
by theEdmo November 04, 2010
Function: verb

1. To use content on the web without permission, then request payment from original author for rewrites and editing.
2. To remain ignorant of plagiarism, ethics, copyright, and asshat behavior.

Etymology: From Cook's Source editor Judith Griggs' use of Monica's article from GodeCookery without attribution or permission, and from Griggs' subsequent rejection and ridicule of Monica's request for compensation.
Example of usage: "Why'd you get an F on that essay?" "I cooksourced the professor's doctoral thesis from her website, and I even cleaned it up for her and told her she should give me an A, but she failed me anyway."

Alternate usage: "For tomorrow's deadline, I'm going to cooksource some article from LiveJournal but edit it to remove the humor and interestingness.
by Oh Boy Tacos! November 05, 2010
To plagiarize without shame from an internet author, as Cooks Source online magazine did from Monica Gaudio. Cooks Source‘s October 2010 issue contained a copy of Gaudio's article "A Tale of Two Tarts," re-edited and named "As American As Apple Pie-Isn't."

The editor of Cooks Source, Judith Griggs, refused the Gaudio's request for an apology on Facebook, a printed apology in the magazine and $130 donation (which turns out to be about $0.10 per word of the original article) to be given to the Columbia School of Journalism.
You totally cooksourced that movie description from IMDB. We can't use it- they'd sue us!
by valgirl November 05, 2010
To blatantly plagiarize content for your own use.
I've got a long article to write for tomorrow, but I'm so tired I think I'll just cooksource it.
by Billsources November 04, 2010
Popularized by Judith Griggs, cooksourcing is the act of taking copyrighted material on the web and reproducing it as your own. One should generally try to improve the stolen material and then request payments from the original creator for improving their work.
Joe Smith: He where did you get this article.

Judith Griggs: I cooksourced that shit!

Joe Smith: Ah, I hope the internet doesn't get mad.
by The Internetzzz November 05, 2010
Infringing on copyright and then attempting to get paid for publicity.
I don't have time to write my own articles, maybe I'll just cooksource it and earn a buck!
by JGrig November 04, 2010
The act of self-righteous plagiarism indignantly justified by an incorrect assertion that the content resided within a public domain (no matter what the other 6 billion-less-one people think and know).
I've cooksourced your recipe, now pay me for correcting your typos
by diomedes31 November 05, 2010
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