Relating to Crackin the shape of a cookie
Yo man u selling any cookies?
by Justin November 06, 2004
1. A Drew, or of a Drewlike nature.
2. If plural, female upper body parts (commonly known as breasts.)
3. An affectionate addition to a sentence.
1. You are such a Cookie!
2. Get off my cookies!
3. You're a smart cookie.
by MaGicALLy DeLiCioUs December 27, 2003
slang for chrystal meth
let go to a cookie party
by ccaannoonn July 23, 2008
Boy who loses mobiles and cars
Cookie, where's yer motor, ach feck knows, Ill need to phone parks, Shit, where's ma phone?
by Gakattack April 08, 2008
a young parent's daughter, especially a child who still breastfeeds and is fluent in baby talk.
"My sister's cookie is adorable but I have no idea what she's saying..."
by Rayrine September 01, 2007
short for cookie dough, one who appears (by smell, appearance, mood) to take an abundant amount of shits per day. Usually defined by atleast 3 shits per day, though there can be many levels of cookie dough.
Wow, Brian is a cookie, he must take a shit atleast every two hours.
by joe<3 December 12, 2006
A piece of crack cocaine.

I got those cookies!
by step2me October 05, 2006

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