something very vague that makes no sense, often used by ambiguous people to confuse you since it has so many possible definitions. used by confused people who don't know what they want: could be nookie/sumpin sweet/randy baby could be just...a cookie made of flour and semisweet morsels. one never knows...ARGH so frustrating!
pizza was good, movie was good. then even when no cookies are present sayin..."time to eat a cookie."

by sweetcaKes February 21, 2006
When giving someone a cookie, you touch the tip of your nose to the tip of their nose once. This can be done with any friend.
Awwww, she looks like she needs a cookie!
by Secretsquirrel. January 19, 2010
when a female partner gently nibbles on the earlobe of the male partner.
My girlfriend is great, she gives the best cookies.
by omaggieyouretwelve November 15, 2009
The root of all that is evil. A black plauge upon the land that will devour anyone who stands in its way. The source of all shadows evil and other wise unpleasent deeds.
Sally was being a real Cookie when she took a chain saw to little timmy.
by Its the BFT July 13, 2009
An extremely well dressed and good-looking male. There can be different types of cookies! A burnt cookie can describe a not so good-looking male.
Girl 1: Cookie!
Girl 2: Where!?
Girl 1: Over there, to the left.
Girl 2: That's a nice cookie right there!


Girl 1: Is that a cookie over there?
Girl 2: No! It's burnt!!!
Girl 1: Oh, I don't have my glasses, that's why. Haha.
by nackonmamaz June 30, 2009
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