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Cookie - A person who believes that he/she is very different to others. Someone who thinks they are individual - saying things out of the blue in a random way. There is an ever increasing amount of these people, usually developing from the equally sad and lifeless 'emo sub culture'.
"Oooooooeer, my was stolen by those hobo pirates, damn those groovy atronaughts. Pirates from alaska are here oooooer, im being attacked by a super giant daddy-longlegs" < something a 'cookie' would say
by Cook the cookies December 04, 2005
9 20
A special "treat" you give to someone when they do something... For example actually shut up when you tell them to.
-Bob- Hey John!
-John- Well as I was saying when the meteor hit...
-Bob- Shut up damnit!
-John- ...
-Bob- Good boy, here's a cookie, now go screw yourself.
by Mr. Cookie September 11, 2007
65 69
A widely used word for STDS.
Mainly gentital warts and Crabs.

The name was given after a young man named ´cookie´
gave all the old woman in a small midlands village Warts.
Oh man the guys got ´cookies´!
Get yourself checked ASAP!
by cpaker September 14, 2011
2 7
Something that is so good, that you should keep it away from others and don't let anyone touch it.
ie: virginity, a really cool toy, etc.
Now you see what happens when you let someone mess with your cookie.
by Me April 01, 2004
24 30
'To cookie' means to give a hand job or sometimes to finger someone.
'I heard Katy cookied Ed last night'

'How did it go with you and Rhian?'
'It was sick man, she cookied me'

'I put my finger in her cookie jar'
by Who are you???? November 08, 2011
3 10
A strange 17 year old, ailling from New Jersey. He plays the trombone and the tuba. He dances very well and is in the marching band. He loves monkeys, board games and fuzzy blankets.

He is gifted in math but doesn't do words.
He is also a safari master and the current dancing queen.

He is also known as cocoapuff, kiki, puddles, Nick, cheezi, safari master, tree hugger, and many other unrelated nicknames.
Look at Cookie dance!

Cookie is the strangest cat at CHS.

Cookie smells like beef.
by Stinktoe January 02, 2008
18 25
A girl, especially a very good looking one, who is thinks is the center of the universe. Typically containing or possessing the following qualities.
1. A great sense of humor.
2. A smile that melts hearts.
3. Sweet Smelling.
4. A great body.
5. Extreme Intelligence.
Damn, you check out Cookie today? Yo I've been sweatin her since the way...who L?
by Marty November 02, 2003
28 35
code for smoking pot
want to go get cookied?

i am so cookied.
by cookied monster August 12, 2011
2 10