Being chilled out and relaxed.
Always a good thing in any situation and can be used in every circumstance.
A variation of cotching
''Im so chilled''
..."you mean Coochie"
by Coochiegoose May 25, 2014
The womens vagina or also known as the pussy.
I ate your moms coochie last night and it gave me the shits.
by The clit commander April 09, 2003
A coochie is a selfie taken of a woman's crotch.
I shacked up with this totally crazy chick and a couple of days later she started blowing up my phone with coochies.
by vanj43 August 10, 2014
Bang-worthy material.
Who is this coochie man, stealing my coochie?
Man, that gurl has some nice coochie!
by Basil Amer February 13, 2008

1.a guy wants to fuck you, but wants to be nice about it

2.a present given from a female to a male

3. a meal, given by girls like me, to guys
1. dont say "i remmbered our anniversary, now give me some pussy"
in stead.. try "i remembered our anniversary now give me some coochie" (feel free to add bitch or hoe to the end)

2. thank you for remmebering my birthday, wwould my coochie now

3. that lamb was good, bu how bout a nice plate of coochie for desert
by hardcorecliche October 11, 2006
a womans vagina or private area
Daves moms coochie smells of shit because she doesnt clean it.
by mike john November 16, 2005
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