trying to finger a girl, but getting denied because she starts laughing and says you're tickling me.
ian went down on ratgirl, but she hit him with a coochie
by stags08 July 26, 2009
female genitalia, preferably that of a hoe or skeeza (see definition for hoe or skeeza)
Damn look at the female, I want to pop that coochie (See defintion for pop that)
by sherockadon'tstoppa October 06, 2005
Japanese for mouth.
I made out with her coochie.
by Marvel September 25, 2003
Use it as an adjective to describe something really cool.
"Dude, that song is coochie."
by JasonH July 15, 2006
A coochie is a selfie taken of a woman's crotch.
I shacked up with this totally crazy chick and a couple of days later she started blowing up my phone with coochies.
by vanj43 August 10, 2014

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