The vagina of a woman.
Kristi's coochie smelled of ass because she didn't wash right.
by Ellie November 14, 2002
Slang (informal, personal): The human female vulva and vagina. Woman's reproductive sex organs
Jill blushed as her lover stared at her naked coochie, while she bathed for him
by Jaimie A. November 06, 2007
An oldtimer, southern word for a vagina. Popularized in songs such as "Hoochie Coochie Baby" by Muddy Waters. Considered one of the least offensive synonyms.
Hey baby, gonna lay some coochie on me?
by FastEddie July 15, 2005
A cute name for the girl private part. Also what you can teach youngsters to say instead of vaginia.
Make sure you dont forget to wash your hair and your coochie.
by Sharla Daire February 23, 2009
Urban slang for the vagina of a girl.
I used the bathroom after your sister took a shower after cheerleading practice, and masturbated while I smelled her wet 'coochie' from her thong panties she threw in the hamper.
by Panty Freek October 24, 2003
1. what your mom calls your vagina when your a kid.

2. A nice way of saying vagina
1"Mommy my coochie hurts! Grant kicked it!"

2"I know you hate it when i say i want your cunt, so how about coochie?"
by sexy beast4 January 21, 2011
A split between a womans thighs. Also known as the pussy, the pink smiley face, big old huff monster.
Damn, that bitch coochie stank like a crate of fish. Her twat should be inspected for smuggled ass juice.
by pussyeater April 05, 2004

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