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That portion of a woman's anatomy that reminds one of paradise.
I spent the morning knocking on heaven's door.
by FastEddie July 15, 2005
An oldtimer, southern word for a vagina. Popularized in songs such as "Hoochie Coochie Baby" by Muddy Waters. Considered one of the least offensive synonyms.
Hey baby, gonna lay some coochie on me?
by FastEddie July 15, 2005
A British slang phrase to describe the scrotum or sometimes the entire package (dick+balls). Used exclusively by women and children.
Daddy, how come that squirrel has such wee little hangy down bits?
by FastEddie July 18, 2005
A genre of music that is often mistaken for emo by ignorant teeny boppers. Poetic popcore can often be classified as anything considered emo on MTV. Poetic popcore bands can often be found by the lyrics that are considered 'emotional' by the people who listen to them, but the lyrics are actually washed-up and laughable.

Lyrics such as:
"So slit my wrist and black my eyes"
"I'm not oh-fucking-kay"

are the standard for poetic pop-core lyrics.
"Senses Fail
My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy
Hawthorne Heights
Taking Back Sunday
The Used
...are all not emo, they're poetic popcore"
by FastEddie July 12, 2005
1. A cute rodent often owned by 7 year olds.

2. A test subject for something.

3. The act of posting a link on AIM because your too lazy to open up Internet Explorer.
1. "My daughter has the sweetest guinea pig, it's so fluffy!"

2. "Well, we used your new Escalade as a guinea pig for our new paint."

3. "screename: Hey man I'm too lazy to click around so www.urbandictionary.com
screename2: Pft, your such a guinea pigger"
by FastEddie July 09, 2005

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