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That which one brings to ensure that the party is most definitely ON.
1. Kool-Aid Maroney said he was gonna split if we didn't get some construda up in this muthafucka!

2. What kind of schrutebag serves second-rate construda during the Super Bowl?
by Murderface July 02, 2007
You're going to have to ask Lawrence Maroney. Nobody else freaking knows.
"bout time we got some construda in dis mothafucka"
by heyzeus7 June 28, 2007
A female with looks worthy of airtime on spanish language TV
Damn! Bout time we got some construda up in this office!
by maroney October 31, 2007
When a man kisses another mans neck and causes him to orgasm.
Give me a Construda - Laurence Maroney
by Coming out NFL June 23, 2007
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