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Basically a much funnier synonym for "Keep on keepin' on." It's what you say when someone tells you how they're struggling with something.
Ernie: It takes a tough man to make a tender forecast, Dick.

Dick: I guess that's me...

Ernie: Keep fucking that chicken.

Dari: *googly eyes*
by Murderface September 17, 2009
That which one brings to ensure that the party is most definitely ON.
1. Kool-Aid Maroney said he was gonna split if we didn't get some construda up in this muthafucka!

2. What kind of schrutebag serves second-rate construda during the Super Bowl?
by Murderface July 02, 2007
n. 1. A douchebag with sycophantic tendencies.
Sports radio call-in show host Colin Cowherd is such a schrutebag.
by Murderface April 10, 2007
Legendary weed from Canada.
We got tore up on some of that Mackenzie Frenzy when we went to Vancouver.
by Murderface July 02, 2007
To have been only marginally worthy of attention to begin with, but currently to be thoroughly uninteresting, except as a contemptuous joke.

Yahoo! News and Urban Dictionary have both drawn attention to International Talk Like a Pirate Day this year. I think this thing has Fred Dursted.
by Murderface September 19, 2007
Another word for thesaurus.
It is false that there is no synonym for thesaurus. What do you think "synonomicon" means?
by Murderface September 09, 2007
A car model by Chrysler shaped like an old-style 50s roadster, but without any character. Not entirely an SUV (it's lower to the ground, has better gas mileage and doesn't look like a shoe box on wheels), not anything like a sports car (too flabby and uninspiring), it has a shape and style instantly recognizable and gag-inducing. Enthusiasts have also taken to adding effects such as chrome, decals, spoilers, and more chrome to give each car a distinctive flavor/identity, like how a turd is different depending on what you have recently eaten. The only argument against the car is its 4-cylinder engine which doesn't catch on fire often enough. Otherwise, it's a great car.
That Pity Cruiser over there has a chrome grille, a scoop hood, rear wing spoiler, and flag decals all over the doors. And dice, it's gotta have fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror!
by Murderface November 21, 2013

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