When you want to go poopy, dream about going poopy, and pray to go poopy, but your ass says otherwise...
antonym of diarrhea
constipation is not your friend =(
by not gir October 09, 2006
The state of not being able to poop. Can be loads of fun
you look constipated
by sashafan July 10, 2003
When your poo grows attachment issues and acts as a fetus
constipation heheh lol xoxox
by tannyab February 04, 2013
when you're on the toilet and you cant seem to pop the crap out of your buttox. Not being able to "poop" or "let out the beans" orr "explode the chiz"
"the constipation is getting severe"
by toilet talk February 17, 2013
The state of being constipated. It can cause great pain and is recommended by many physicians.
So hold in your feces and your large intestine will do all the work for you...
by kwang June 09, 2003
A backed up flow of things
i.e. The highway is undergoing heavy constipation
by Phroe July 11, 2003
An asshole who is full of shit; a mean, cocky person who tells nonsense stories to try and make himself look better.
He keeps talkin' all that good shit but he's really just an arrogant douchebag spewing a bunch of b.s.. Can you say, "constipation?"
by katiekins August 19, 2008

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