A game typically played on paper in which many things are humorously or randomly linked together and often tied to a central object. It is a parody of pundit Glenn Beck and his blackboard conspiracies
I'm going to play Conspiracy! and tie George Soros to kids dying in kiddie pools.
by MythDebunker154 June 20, 2011
A group of women.
"What do you call a group of crows?" "A murder."
"What do you call a group of women?" "A conspiracy."
by Gryph August 06, 2014
a lie around a big thing like aliens, ghosts and bush.
conspiracy: osam bin laden flew airplanes into world trade center.

truth: george.w.bush flew airplanes into world trade center.
by kjæran April 21, 2008
a secret group meant to plan to over throw a patricular group (the conspirators could be in the group being overthrown as well) for money land or extreme power.

if my definition off i apologize, its slightly difficult to put into words
in both assassins creed games there is a conspiracy involved, once you go through it all ull understand it better

go on youtube and search conspiracy theory with any celebrity next to it ( lady gaga conspiracy theory), what they show you is pretty messed up. it makes you feel......unsafe
by Scrootie McDickinass June 21, 2010
A conspiracy is usually an event caused by a man or woman of the jewish faith.
In south park jews are blamed for 9/11, titanic the biggest conspiracy of all and we all know who it was....
by Kruschev99 August 05, 2008

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