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Definition cannot be released because the government is keeping it a secret.
There is no conspiracy here, everyone please relax and pay no attention to anyone besides us, we're the only true source of information. = C.I.A.
#government #the man #keeping us down #hidden #nine eleven #terrorist #america
by HackOtaku May 14, 2009
So far, the funniest thing that has happened in history.
The holocaust? More like the lolocaust.
#jew #hitler #oh no #this is bad #d;
by HackOtaku May 14, 2009
A phrase which, upon hearing, means you should get your head down.
*man throwing baseball and missing the area, sending it on a direct course for a small child*

Man: Hey kid, heads up!

*Kid gets his head down and doesn't get hit*

Kid wins for reading urbandictionary.
#heads #up #look #out #oh
by HackOtaku July 11, 2008
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