Qualities of a conservative:

Watches Fox News religiously
Listens to talk radio
Watches football
Owns a gun - I mean a whole bunch of them
Loves professional wrestling
Loves dynamite
Loves teen idols
Thinks everyone needs a boot up their ass
Goes to church
Generally a very nice guy/gals
Hard working
Treats people with respect
Loves America

Qualities of a liberal:

pot smoking
immature - acts like they are in middle school still
Bitches a lot
Afraid of everything
Friends with animals
Afraid of the noise of a shutgun
Hates computers unless it is a Mac
Plays guitar
Needs a psychologist
Conservatives ftw
by kyster23 April 25, 2011
One who believes that the government should not interfere much (if at all) with the economy or a person's privacy. One who believes that a man needs to pull himself up by his own bootstraps, become self-reliant, stop taking taxes and start paying them. One who believes that taxes themselves should be kept to a minimum.
One who believes in a person's right to free speech and religion, one who abhors censorship. One who believes that it is the people who should lead the country, not the government. One who believes that a man deserves his own earnings and the government doesn't need to be taking away chunks of his hard labor.
One who sees people like Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama and can't help but shudder at the thought that either one might actually become the next President, both being extremely horrible choices.
Conservative is a term free from religious and racial associations/prejudices, although often associated with "bigot", something that has nothing to do with conservatism.
All in all, conservatives are the polar opposite of fascists, although they face plenty of name calling despite the fact that the fascists that people are referring to when insulting conservatives had very liberal policies and are only related to conservatives in the sense that they acknowledge the importance of a strong military, because by God if there's a country that needs a strong military, it's America.
Affirmative action is one of the most racist things conceived. It is a policy that, in its existence, basically says that all people who are not white are intellectually inferior to white people and thus, need a helping hand from the government.

Hypothetical conversation:
"Are you a liberal?"
"Nope. I'd rather think for myself than have the government do it for me."
"So you're a fascist?"
"I just answered that. I said no. I'm a conservative."
"So you're a Christian?"
"Kind of, but what does that have to do with it?"
"Hah! So you're a fascist!"
"No, you're just an idiot."
by Kato Boduko March 10, 2008
"A conservative is someone who was born with two legs, but never learned to move forward"
conservatives will eventually die out
by alex14 August 28, 2006
You must be this in order to marry. Because only if you are conservative, you understand what marriage means. No boys with boys.

It's Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve. Be conservative!
It's Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve. Be conservative!
by CaseyWroteThis July 19, 2009
Politically: Someone who thinks from the right of the brain rather than the left and basing their choices purely on emotions, but basing them on rational and usually religious viewings. The Conservative ideas are not very popular beliefs...according to the American media...and are often ridiculed for their choices that are made and often called homophobic for being against homosexuality or Nazis for believing that war can sometimes keep peace in the human world. Their ideas include:
-Against Gun Control
-Pro-War (most wars)
-Against Abortion
-Against Homosexuality
-Less government interfering with American's lives
-Traditional (usually Christian) choices rather than more reformations of the United States Constitution

These ideas are opposite of the Liberal ideas
Conservatives are constantly made fun of by the media for not wanting change brought to the United States.
by ndh777 February 06, 2009
1) someone who follows the ideas of the right wing of the political spectrum, usually in keeping what already exists and is in practice.

2) someone who would have a murderer killed and the life of an unborn baby saved; someone who prefer to kill those who deserve it over the innocent.

3) someone with any sanity at all that doesn't hate America and doesn't want our culture removed so we can be sensitive to terrorists.
by Why do I need a pseudonym? May 16, 2010
1) A type of force for which the work done is independent of the path taken
2) A person advocating right-wing economic and social policies
3) A person disliking change
1) Gravity is a conservative force
2) George Bush is renowned for his conservative policies
3) At the moment, Jennifer is a conservative, but this will change if the government is abolished.
by Kathryn January 22, 2005
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