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A sexual manouever in which a man, while fingering a woman outside of her field of vision, inserts his penis without announcing he is doing so. The act is generally employed as a means to commence intercourse with a hesitant (but willing) partner.

The term "eleventh finger" can also simply be slang for penis.
Chris: Well, she was kinda riding the fence about having sex with me. Since she never said no outright, I gave her the eleventh finger, and that was that.

Kevin: nicely done, sir.
#sex #fingering #sex act #penis #dick #cock #shlong
by Cosmo July 12, 2006
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The penis.

Originated from the third episode of the show 'Family Guy'
"I've sprouted another finger. Counting the one from yesterday, I'm up to 11. " - Stewart Gilligan Griffin

I showed her my eleventh finger under the bleachers.
#penis #dong #shlong #weiner #cock
by lbeesntdeirx November 05, 2013
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