1) A type of force for which the work done is independent of the path taken
2) A person advocating right-wing economic and social policies
3) A person disliking change
1) Gravity is a conservative force
2) George Bush is renowned for his conservative policies
3) At the moment, Jennifer is a conservative, but this will change if the government is abolished.
by Kathryn January 22, 2005
Someone who actually has intelligence. Antonym: Liberal.
A conservative knows what would help humanity as a whole, while a liberal doesn't know anything except bitching about Republicans, and smoking drugs.
by Someone smarter than a liberal August 19, 2005
1. Being highly resistant to change. Refusing to modernize and adapt. Doing and believing things because it’s the tradition.

2. Having a very short penis.
1. The Amish take conservatism to THA MAXXX!

2. The Bush Administration is conservative.
by Shard April 19, 2005
insult, someone that is ignorrant, stupid, and greedy.
me: you conservative
you: yeah, that was pretty dumb of me, i am quite ignorrant.
by Chase Gallagher June 16, 2006
The right way to be. This is what you are or what you become if you really care about saving America. Conservatives care about the moral fabric of society, our children, family values, the influences and culture of society, education, healthcare, the defense of our nation, and so much more.
Most Republicans are conservative.
by Republican Warrior April 17, 2005
1. An advocate of a political philosophy which revolves around not doing much. Conservatism essentially argues keeping things the way they are rather than supporting change.

Examples of Conservative actions:

-Doing nothing. :-)

Examples of not-Conservative actions:

-Trying to change the constitution.
-Starting wars.
-Spending lots of money.
-Taking away people's privacy rights.
-Turning allies against your nation by radically altering foreign policy.

2. A misused synonym for right wing.
What kind of conservative would try to ammend the constitution? Conservatives don't like change, that's the whole point.
by SpecialKay October 05, 2006
In a nutshell, the belief that (insert country here) is an upstanding and righteous nation, that less government is more freedom, and that people should be held entirely responsible for their finances and actions, even to the point of death or poverty. See also people the Urban Dictionary editors can't stand.

Or in a non-political context, it just means "not a lot".
Be conservative with your bullets; we don't have many to spare!
by Treima May 08, 2006
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