1. A great, troubled writer who's broken, honest voice makes his music so much more endearing.
2. Founder of Saddle Creek and father of that pantheon.
3. A really, really pretty androgynous guy. :-P
I believe that lovers should be tied together// and thrown into the ocean in the worst of weather// left there to drown, left there to drown in their innocence-Conor Oberst
by Galen Deepinglen May 22, 2004
A man who makes depression sound extremely appealing. He is just that amazing with words.
I have a friend who's mostly made of pain. He wakes up, drives to work, and straight back home again.
by Sarah Kiser April 09, 2005
A beautiful man, you have to admit, but a perfectly normal guy with lots of talent. writes very poetic lyrics. who knows if he means it; they're meaningful though, to some, and other hate it, and yet others try to be emo over it. in multiple bands, one being bright eyes.
"But you but you, you write such pretty words. But life's no storybook! Loves an excuse to get hurt, and to hurt. Do you like to hurt? I do! I do! Then hurt me."
by ephemeral bliss March 11, 2004
a beautiful, beautiful man
no example, just listen...
by brandNEWrawks November 22, 2004
an amazing songsmith whose vanity walks hand in hand with his tortured sense of existence in order to garner undying love from little girls in skull and crossbone socks.
"oh my god! conor oberst just spit on me. Ashley did you see that? He spit right on me, that was so awesome!"
by josh June 24, 2004
1) A talented musician
2) Virtually unheard of here in the UK
3) Very often misintepreted
he's a tourtured soul not
by ... March 12, 2004
Completely fuckable, beautiful, intellegent, poetic man.
In many indie bands, like Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos and Commander Venus.
Founder of Saddle Creek Records in Omaha.
"now i beleive that lovers should be draped in flowers, laid entwined together on a bed of clover, left there to sleep, left there to dream of their happiness.."
A Perfect Sonnet- Bright Eyes
by Sars July 21, 2004
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