a beautiful, gorgeous person intellectually and phsyically who isnt scared to admit the true darkness of life...and sadly all his beauty is a result from his neurosis-depression, warped view on life-ridden soul
a melancholy philosopher
by tanya May 28, 2004
Top Definition
Beautiful. Perfect. Poetic.
If only there were more Conor Obersts in the world.
by Anonymous October 23, 2003
1. noun Musician from Nebraska who started recording indie albums as a teenager. Has been in several indie bands including Commander Venus, Bright Eyes, Desaparecidos.

2. verb To write real tear-provoking lyrics to depressing emotional music about being alone, depressed, and/or confused which may or may not have been linked to your own experiences.

3. adj. A sexy, emtional, skinny, scrawny, pale indie boy who knows how to make you cry when you sit at home alone.
Noun: My favorite band is Bright Eyes, you know with Conor Oberst?

Verb: After her boyfriend cheated on her, she sat in her room for 4 days Conor Obersting and crying.

Adjective: At the Death Cab for Cutie show I saw this extremely Conor Oberst boy, and we made out in the back.
by Emily June 08, 2004
A beautiful and talented singer and songwriter. Has been in many amazing bands.
Man, that Conor Oberst is pretty hot.
by raven February 22, 2004
beautiful, hot, orgasmic
that sex last night was conor....if you know what i mean
by jessica May 08, 2004
impossibly good-looking emokid. He is known most commonly as the frontman for Bright Eyes, but he has also fronted his later project Desaparecidos.

This guy is a genius, often tagged as a wunderkind (he started recording at 14) and channels his emotions into powerful lyrics emokidettes can relate to.

Actually, he is still sorta a kid. I went to a show of his when he was way younger and he was so tiny and kid-like it shocked me. I haven't seen him recently (he's gone too mainstream for my wallet) so hopefully he had finally hit puberty and start growing up.

If you like Bright Eyes, you will love Cursive, front by a member of Conor's former band Commander Venus Tim Kasher. Similar music, except I prefer Cursive
One thing that sets Conor apart from other musicians is his amazing voice. His voice wavers when he sings. It reconnects people to memories of crying and painful emotions and whatnot so after a few painful notes, you will be real fucking depressed. Go to one of his shows and you can feel the depression rolling off the crowd. No moshing here, kiddos, just crying.
by rise up rise against June 12, 2004
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