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person with large penis
omg look at the size of it he must be a connor
by snarff December 15, 2007
Connor is an amazing person with a bright future! He loves music and loves spending time with his brothers and sisters & family! He's a handsome brunette with dreamy brown and occasionally hazel eyes. He is very insecure and shy until you get to really know him. He will be there for you whenever you need him, and puts his friends and families priorities before his own. His personality will make you want to be around him 24/7. He knows how to make a conversation good and long lasting. He's a great guy to date because he can be your best friend and boyfriend. He loves just about any type of music. And is very artistic and musical himself! Connor has a soft side and a very sweet side that only the luckiest people get to see. He's very attractive and has a great body! He will fall for the perfect girl and give her the world! He's a very loyal person. If you ever get to meet a Connor then you are one lucky person!
girl 1: "did you see that amazing sweet and cute guy at the party?"
girl 2: "oh yea I know him! That's Connor!"
girl 1: "you know him?"
girl 2: "year"
girl 1: "wow you're lucky!!!"
girl 2: "i know"
by reesecup July 19, 2014
Connor is a truly kind and considerate being, he puts himself before others and you can him Queen bee and baby he'll rule, he'll ruullee, he'll ruuuulllle let him live that fantasy
"Oh Connor you're so cool" said every girl ever
by mysteryanon January 01, 2014
Hot. He's a 'gunna grab yo girl' type of guy, and with a face like connors normally have, he totally will get your girl. Connors are normally brunets and do some sort of sport. They'll make you jealous you were ever named something else.
Girl 1: Damn who is that?
Girl 2: Ohh that's Connor
Girl 1: Is he single?
Girl 2: Yeah but not for long!
by lilypad99 October 08, 2013
A tall Irish guy, usually red haired with an ass ton of freckles, a cool guy that puts on a tough exterior but is really a great listener. He's also awesome at partys and can do a keg stand like its nobodies business, well I mean he's Irish so its natural.
Whoa shit check it out Connor's doing another beer bong hit.
by chinmger2299 August 09, 2012
The sweetest, cutest, most caring guy in the universe. He's tall, dark, and handsome. Either a football or a baseball player. All of the girls want him, but only one gets him. He's in to long term relationships, and short, Christian, preps. He's Christian, and is proud of it. He's PERFECT.
"Girl 1- I wish Connor was mine<3
Girl 2- Oh, give it up. He obviously wants me!"
by alivaligirl<<<<3! June 04, 2011
A mother fucking douchebag. Has no honey. Spends all of his time looking up "good looking" girls on the Internet. Doesn't give a shit about relationships. He is narcisexual.
Person 1: I broke up with Connor
Person 2: Good for you!
by You got us saying #LEH December 08, 2015
connor is the most loving boy in the world. you look at his eyes and just want to be with him. most girls find it hard to tell him how they really feel. he is short funny and cute. really easy to talk to and just an overall amazing guy. he only goes for some girls some most wish to be the one.
connor hey there I love you a lot like a lot a lot
by babbbyyy. August 01, 2015
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