lipper,dip,chew. originated from "con lipper or con guys".
Man i could use a coner right now.
by "The Guy"-The original January 15, 2007
Coner: NOUN. On a US Submarine it is used by members of ratings who's watch stations are aft of the operations compartment, not including MTs on SSBNs. Generally NUCS believe themselves to be better than any coner. This feeling arises from the fact a NUC usually has had more training, it is more difficult training, and they often have to work harder than many other rates, particular those of the 'coners' whos jobs are genrally less physically demanding.

A NUC will often comment on how a 'coner' lives at the 'pointy end of the boat'. This highlights the fact they need more sleep as any dolt looking at a Submarine can see the AFT end is far more pointy than the FWD end, lol.

Ironically its those who despise a 'coner' who are themselves, by their own definition anyway, 'coners'.
Nuc MM #1: Whos the NUB?
Nuc MM #2: Ah he's another coner, an STS.
Nuc MM #1: Another guy that'll be hittin' the beach before us all the time, makin rate faster, and hangin out in Sonar all the time.
Nuc MM #2: Yeah those coners sure are stupid.
by STS1SS August 06, 2007
Clitoris boner. When a girl gets sexually aroused and her clit reacts the same way as a penis would. HARD.
When Juan and I were watching "Milf Melons", he went down my pants and rubbed my raging coner.
by Aroused EFABEN January 12, 2010
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