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A total bender who sucks at hockey people skate around them and use them as a cone usually a defenseman
Gordie is such a coner.
by Bends saucer November 09, 2009
Sexual arousal caused by thought or sight of ice cream cones.

Look at their double chocolate cake cookie dough ice cream! I've got a throbbing coner.
by Lil Scrumptious July 20, 2011
When one gets a massive boner for a person with the name Conan.
That guy got a huge coner when he saw Conan.
by OG16 October 25, 2010
reaching a boinf in the cold, leading to a raging cold boner
Dude, i totally just saw the new girl outside and got a total coner
by Alan Griggsby December 16, 2009
one who engages in sexual activity with their instructor in order to gain a better grade
She only passed that class because she's a coner!
by RJ aka Rolla Stout January 05, 2009
when you get a giant boner from either looking at or stealing traffic cones
oh man spenser, i have a huuuge coner right now
by newman July 25, 2004
lipper,dip,chew. originated from "con lipper or con guys".
Man i could use a coner right now.
by "The Guy"-The original January 15, 2007