When one takes a traffic cone, or anything with the same form or likeness, and places it upon their crotch, as if they had a boner.
HAHA dude, jeff just totally took a picture of his coner a few minutes ago.
by Max Maddox April 06, 2007
The sexiest person alive. The one person that everyone wants to have. But they know they can't because he's to hard to get and no one can work up the courage to tell him.
I dated a Coner a while back

I wish my boyfriend was a Coner Don't we all
by Not me March 15, 2015
Sexual arousal caused by thought or sight of ice cream cones.

Look at their double chocolate cake cookie dough ice cream! I've got a throbbing coner.
by Lil Scrumptious July 20, 2011
When one gets a massive boner for a person with the name Conan.
That guy got a huge coner when he saw Conan.
by OG16 October 25, 2010
reaching a boinf in the cold, leading to a raging cold boner
Dude, i totally just saw the new girl outside and got a total coner
by Alan Griggsby December 16, 2009
one who engages in sexual activity with their instructor in order to gain a better grade
She only passed that class because she's a coner!
by RJ aka Rolla Stout January 05, 2009
when you get a giant boner from either looking at or stealing traffic cones
oh man spenser, i have a huuuge coner right now
by newman July 25, 2004

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