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A conversation that originated from condoms, but can in fact include sexual subjects or any other kind of talk about condoms, etc.
"During her condomsation with George, Kerry told him about her one night stand, yo."

"During the condomsation, Lennie listed all the condom flavors he remembered to his friend, it was mad crazy, yo. He even came up with the phrase 'Taste the rainbow', yo!"
by JacsLiyahLiyahOriginal December 27, 2008
When a man ejaculates inside a condom, and moisture particles form on the outside of the condom.
I hate the hassle of dealing with the contraceptive after condomsation has occured.
by rcebr April 07, 2011
The feeling you get whilst wearing a condom.
Rob's room was heavy with condomsation.

John exclaimed "That was the best condomsation I've ever felt"
by kevinmcgangbang September 14, 2009
Any kind wetness associated with a condom whether inside or out of the condom. The substance and how it came to be may vary. May also be used any way you Damn well please.
Rachel slipped on the condomsation Andrew left on the bathroom floor after his lovefest with Samantha.
by sweet baby Ray October 04, 2014
When you have really hot sweaty sex and the condom gets extremely wet
Guy: Damn girl that was intense, look at the condomsation
by Ninjapanda93 May 27, 2016
Noun: when K-Mart is having a secial on condoms, and its just a huge sensation
Bro, are you gonna hit up the condomsation this weekend? There bout to be some fine ass bitches in there looking for dick.
by TnG'sBitch April 05, 2011
A term used to describe the feeling of sex when a condom is used. Impotence or erectile dysfunction directly related to the use of a condom.
"Last night I was banging Tracy and I just couldn't get off. That's never happened to me before. It must have been condomsation."
by byrdie75 January 16, 2009
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