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Con Safos is a chicano term that literally means "with respect" and in some translations is meant to deliver the message that any insult sent towards it slips off.
Sometimes used at the end of a letter instead of regards etc...

Con Safos,
C/S... means "no backies"... when someone signs with con safos it means that whatever point has been made has been symbolically protected from backlashing and comebacks. Usually used by Chicanos to avoid the senseless situation of being challenged on something he/she truly believes in... Con safos!
El Pelon: Yo man, let's tag up this crazy mural!

Chango: Nel man, we can't. It has Con Safos (C/S). If you write on it you will be offending yourself!

El Pelon: Ah man! Well then let's go find some Minutemen to beat up!
by The One and Only LMJ June 18, 2010

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