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soundwave is one of the higher ranking decepticons/destrons during the reign of megatron
a Kicks ass Transformer
its Soundwave
by SW November 17, 2003
Soundwave is a fucking superior robot, losers.
by Fuckoff January 17, 2005
a fucking epic music festival held in Australia annually.
epic person: dude are you going to soundwave this weekend?
not so epic person: nah mate, feeling up for a quiet weekend.

epic person: well too bad for you, pfft go die in a hole you gimp
by amymeridith February 19, 2010
The decepticon communications officer, Soundwave is Megatron's most loyal servant. Exactly why he is so loyal, we have no clue. Turns into a boombox/SUV/jet (depends on continuity) and usually stores his minions, Laserbeak, Frenzy, Rumble, Ratbat, Ravage and occasionally Buzzsaw, in his chest.

He is also the greatest transformer of all time.
"Soundwave: Superior, Autobots: Inferior"
by ShadowSneakz June 16, 2015
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