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One of the most amazing bands of this decade.
Originating in Burlington, ontario, these awesome canadians show us all what real music is.
All the memebers are taleneted, funny, and creative.
This band = love
silverstein plays alternative, screamo, punk, hardcore, flipIncredible music.
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by yardiee January 11, 2006
Silverstein are possibly the best band ever,with about half screaming/half singing on their new record "Discovering the Waterfront" and 3/4 screaming on their older album "When Broken is Easily Fixed",they are the greatest. GO CHECK THEM OUT.
Person 1: HAve you heard of Silverstein?
Person 2: The author?
P2: No.
P1:Check them out.
Next day
P2:I listened to that band Silverstein,they kick ass!!!
P1: Well duh.
#great band #screamo music #canadian bands #silversteen #awesome
by Already Dead. October 28, 2005
the worlds greatest musical band of all time
legends rome the earth under the names of shane told billy hamilton josh bradford neil boshart and paul koehler.
they arent human they are gods.
i live my life for one thing only to serve the members of the band SILVERSTEIN
#band #music #emotional #stein #legends
by jtralphen May 15, 2006
Silverstein is the best band ever! They are five vegetarians from Canada and man are they sexy.! Shane was in a pevious band, but left to make another band and eventually met Josh via the internet. He met Paul and some other previous members and Neil joined. He too was in a previous band, but also left to join Shane in Silverstein. Can you believe they've known eachother since first grade?! Well, Billy was then added somewhere in-between. And wa-la!Silverstein formed.
The genre of music these dudes perform is :
emo,screamo,post hardcore
Rock on!
Me- Dude, I'm so in love with Neil from Silverstein!
Sister- He's mine. You can have Paul.
Me- Okay. He's sexy!
Other Person- What the fuck are you guys talking about? Who's Silverstein?
Me- It's a really fucking awesome band. You should listen to them.
#emo #rock #hardcore #sexy #hott
by Stephanie the one and only October 02, 2006
1.A mug, especially one for beer, usually holding about a pint that is silver.

2. A great Emo band.
1. I drink my beer out of a silver stein.

2. I like to listen to Silverstein.

PS. I don't really drink.
#silverstein #silver #stein #emo #cool
by Shermanation July 14, 2006
Fucking awesome screamo band from Ontario. Members include:
Shane Told-lead
Billy Hamilton-bass
Paul Koehler-Drums
Neil Boshart-Guitar
Josh Bradford-Guitar

Albums include:

Summer's Stellar Gaze
When Broken is Easily Fixed
Discovering the Waterfront

Silverstein's record label is Victory Records, also the record label of Hawthorne Heights, Aiden, Spitalfield, June, Bayside and Bury Your Dead. Their producer is Cameron Webb. Their videos include Discovering the Waterfront, Giving Up, Smashed into Pieces and Smile in your Sleep. Oh, and they are super hot and kick ass!!!
Me: Have you ever heard of Silverstein?
Random Fag: Yeah. They're emo, aren't they?
Me: No, they're a band.
Random Fag: Yeah, an emo band, right? I don't like emo music.
Me: Fuck you.
#screamo #rock #awesome #emo #hawthorne heights
by killer_emo_girl April 10, 2007
A Screamo, Hard-Core, Emo band from Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
The band currently consists of:
Shane Told - Vocals
Paul Koehler - Drums
Neil Boshart - Guitar
Josh Bradford - Guitar
Billy Hamilton - Bass

Silverstein currently has 5 CDs released, in order from first to last:

18 Candles, The Early Years
When Broken is Easily Fixed
Discovering The Waterfront
Arrivals and Departures
ShipWreck in the Sand
Silverstein is currently signed with Victory Records.
Silverstein, a great band that will live on forever and keep writing amazing music.
#silverstein #screamo #emo #shane told #music
by Smashed into Pieces March 28, 2009
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