Makers of PC computer systems that are made by sweatshop workers in third world countries in textile mills. They use unreliable components and often take cost-saving measures such as: building everything but the kitchen sink onto the motherboard so it is unlikely anybody will ever try to upgrade. Software only modems. Bios that does not recognize a boot drive unless it is pre-loaded with mindless Compaq shovelware. IDE ribbon cables with only 1 head. Riser cards for horizontally oriented PCI slots.
Best of all they pass the saving on to you, the consumer. Oops, sorry, that last bit is what the other computer manufacturers do.
My Grandma upgraded to a Compaq from a 286 PC Jr. and noticed a slight decrease in performance. Also the XGA graphics on the old computer were better.
by Gimli July 15, 2003
Top Definition
an extremely shitty computer where everything is built into the motherboard so nothing can be upgraded.
Compaq is the best thing in computers since AOL!
by BJ March 20, 2003
Manufacter of the world's first IBM compatable laptop computer. It weighed around 30lbs and was the equivlent of a 8088 processor. unfortunatly they never improved their technology and finally got bought out by HP
This is the worst computer i've ever used.
by KGraham December 17, 2003
A computer manufacturer accidentally mispelled its name on all of its company letterhead. It was supposed to be Comcrap, but once it was printed "Compaq," it was too late to change it. They make computers that are vastly overpriced, underpowered, and generally unreliable.
Dude, my Compaq died for the fourth time yesterday.
by Anonymous February 09, 2003
Overpriced piece of shit computer company with even shittier customer service, run by foreigners who couldn't speak English to save their lives.
Compaq sucks....dude I should've gotten a Dell
by BFG December 03, 2003
a) a warning label affixed to boxes and merchandise, for sale. Similar, to the book of revelations in the bible... just condensed.

b) a proprietary computer where You can't replace anything on your own.. you can't hire anyone besides compaq to fix it.. as they can't get the parts...
Not even screws.

c) the source of 25% of all the scrap metal contained in landfills abroad.
Aw f*ck.. not another compaq.
by Stuart January 30, 2004
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