a cigarette usually bummed from friends, most often by friends that smoke more than they can afford or are to cheap to buy there own
hey bro can i have a comp?
by thebuttress June 20, 2011
v. to get weed
Drug dealer- "Ay nigga you lookin' to comp?"

Person- "Yes"
by Morty1028 April 13, 2010
short for "graphic compositor"... word used to distinguish between those who think they're in the printing/graphic arts industries and those that really are... the journeymen. In true speak these people would now be prepress operators or similar
im a comp by trade
by sammybells February 22, 2009
(v) The act of taking something that isn't yours, usually in a discrete manner.
"Shit! I just realized that guy comped my lighter earlier."
by dlundy July 10, 2008
short for compton. aslo for computer
person one: wheres comp?

person two: well...i got one in my house
by jakegilmann June 15, 2008
It's a sighin ass word that means cool or dank
A car is going 107 mph and hits a giant pile of dirt and then does a flip in the air and hits a deer.
"Thats some COMP ass shit right there!"
by Dan ricky p May 20, 2008
British, sigular - short for 'comprehensive school'. State school system or chain of open prisons depending on whether you're a politician or actually live near/work in/ go to these shit holes. A process by which bright, intelligent, lively, inquisitive children are miseducated into sullen, stupid, violent, bored young adults ready for a life in front of the TV, so they can buy products for the rest of their lives until they die having accomplished....nothing.
Q. S/he's a complete moron. How did s/he get like that?

A. S/he went to a 'comp'.
by Hedley Clubnobber August 26, 2006

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