Short for comprehensive exams, these tests are ridiculous in concept: a single test for each subject which are worth half of your grade. That's right. HALF. Chaminade and Kellenberg students essentially take these as their respective school's big FU as the year ends out. Did I mention that these tests are the last six days of school? Pretty brutal.
Rioting has occurred after mass cruelty was discovered on Long Island after many students were forced to undertake cruel torture methods called "comps."
by WinterGreen June 12, 2012
To get at or pick up, as in an object or hoe (same difference)

A word commonly used by, and known only to true gangstas
"I'm trying to comp Melissa's fine Ass"
by Gangsta Martin August 23, 2007
Steal something. Casinos will comp gamblers if they spend a lot of money in the casino. Instead of that, you just comp yourself something. Anything.
Q:Where'd you get that hat?
A: Comped it
by futureworld May 04, 2009
Cut Off My Penis (castration/quatred)
c.o.m.p: what they would have done to Guy Fawkes if he didn't jump.
by Lad Man March 14, 2007
British, sigular - short for 'comprehensive school'. State school system or chain of open prisons depending on whether you're a politician or actually live near/work in/ go to these shit holes. A process by which bright, intelligent, lively, inquisitive children are miseducated into sullen, stupid, violent, bored young adults ready for a life in front of the TV, so they can buy products for the rest of their lives until they die having accomplished....nothing.
Q. S/he's a complete moron. How did s/he get like that?

A. S/he went to a 'comp'.
by Hedley Clubnobber August 26, 2006
1) A computer (Specifically a desktop one)
2) Compensation pay.
1) A style of playing jazz guitar.
1) Hey, who the hell was using my comp?
2) Oh, shit! He'd better pull comp for that kind of abuse!
1) Wow, Jim Hall really was comping nicely in that cut.
by Scott Paeth October 28, 2005
As in comp time. When a unionized worker get compensated with time off for extra time worked. Usually granted by managment when they don't want to pay for overtime.
Martha is offering comp time instead of overtime.
by Phakebox August 08, 2005

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