Young attractive cop with an inclination to party.
Let's fetch a Columbo before we roll tonight.
by Vivian Cadence May 30, 2005
Top Definition
Lt. in LAPD. Easily the best "detective" America has to offer. Characterized by:
1: A beat-up raincoat.
2: An aging Peugot.
3: A cigar (the cheap kind).
4: Follows a suspect around, irritating them until they slip up.
5: No apparent first name (actually, he does have one: Lt.)
6: A never-seen wife.

To call someone "Columbo" or "a Columbo" can either be taken as a compliment or a threat.
"Just one more thing..."
by BaanGaan August 06, 2005
Columbo is in fact when you seem unintelligent but you actually are very smart. Your wife (even if you dont have one) is always talked about eventhough you never get to see her.
Dude! You're such a columbo. You knew that I was bullshitting you the whole time. Say hi to your wife for me.
by crator_lover01 July 29, 2011
US Police lt.

He was born in Italy.

His wife is probably very ugly, because we never saw her, but he speaks always about her.

He seems completely doped.
My wife would love to have your autograph.
by 820i January 05, 2005
Used to describe a final/minor step or issue in a computer/software repair that becomes in itself a major issue.

A 'columbo' is named for a the TV show detetective by the same name who was known for his phrase at the supposed end of his questions/investigation "oh yeah, one more thing" - and USUALLY that 'one more thing' is the 'kicker' as it were.
It took me six hours to fix it because I had a columbo.

That airbook setup had more columbos than I could count!
by Cic and Gob July 10, 2008
To act in an assuming way in order to trick a person into admitting guilt.
No one knew that John took Sam's wallet until Tommy Columboed John.
by Charles Dominici March 30, 2015
In the 70's and early 80's it was reference to Columbian Marijuana.. I can get some good Columbo...
I can only get Columbo weed right now...
by scotdawg October 24, 2012
a bitch that wont leave you alone
that columbo wont stop bothering me man
by g-unot232 July 15, 2008
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