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French word.

Means "hello", "hi", in familiar language.
Coucou, comment ça va ?
by 820i January 05, 2005
US Police lt.

He was born in Italy.

His wife is probably very ugly, because we never saw her, but he speaks always about her.

He seems completely doped.
My wife would love to have your autograph.
by 820i January 05, 2005
French word, used in french national meetings & forums Rover.

It meens Sir or Mister, it's a friendly word.
zyva Francky c'est Mouth viens là mecton qu'je te ravage comme une ouvrière ta race !
by 820i January 05, 2005
French association like RIAA.

Its objective : make money.

Which money ? Consumers money of course, with a lot of lawsuits which ruin people.
- My prefered artist is a member of the sacem.
- Oh my god ! Don't buy these albums, your money is used to ruin people !
by 820i January 05, 2005
French word.

A car which runs with diesel (gasoil).

The diesel is a shitly fuel.
My car is a tracteur. Oh my god ! My poor friend ! Change for a gasoline car :)
by 820i January 01, 2005
French car.

Made by Renault

Fucking car driven by fucking drivers who don't know use these fucking indicators.
- I've bought a Kangoo.
- Fucking driver !
by 820i January 06, 2005
French word.

That indicates the tuned cars. (tuning)

Best kekemobiles are volkswagen (the Golf is the biggest and shitlest kekemobile), peugeot (206 and 306) or renault (clio).

Poor cars...
Ta race putain t'as vu cette kekemobile de golf comme elle ressemble à rien !
by 820i January 05, 2005

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