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MARIJUANA... term used by rastafarians and jamaicans
i and i is gonna smoke some collie mon :)
by lootinandshootin December 14, 2006
One of the many nicknames for marijuana, such as pot, weed, herb, ganja, etc. A man who sells marijuana is known as a collie man.
Jamaican fellow: Jah's love upon ye, brotha, I and I should go burn some collie and feel right irie!

Guy: Yo, pass some of that collie.
Other guy: 'kay.
by The Secks November 10, 2010
The most beautiful breed of dog in the world. The best breed there is PERIOD.

Known for it's sweet disposition, loyalty, and protectiveness.
The Collie comes in a variety of colors. Sable, Tri-color, Blue merle, and White.
Lassie was a collie.
by CaliAmes June 21, 2005
1. A breed of dog known for its herding ability
2. A huge bitch who draws strange crap when she isn't hugging puppies
1. Lassie was a collie
2. I wish Collie would shut the hell up
by zombieface March 06, 2005
a cute girl usually with very long hair and big soft eyes that are really dirty girls on the inside, but you can't tell from the outside.
"i love going to college night at the clubs, alot of collies leave their men at home for some real fun!"
by cyaniro April 12, 2010
a coal mining town in the south-west of WA, Australia
Full of inbreds and Pot Addicts
Often Refered to as - "the hole"
Avoid going here at all costs
No wonder that chick got murdered by her best friends, its collie we're talking about.
by T3H J4S0M35T3R November 05, 2006
A rather abrasive young women with the smartest sense of humor. She loves puppies and occasionally draws strange things and puts them on the internet.
That Collie kid is somethin' else.
by omgkitties March 03, 2005