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When a guy shoots his load into a girls ass.
My god, I splaffed into her ass so hard she ended up in China.
by Ricardinho May 28, 2006
A splaff is a person that every pub owner in town knows. He or she will have invariably been barred from most of the pubs but ultimately the pub will change hands and the unsuspecting owner will let the splaff in without trouble.

Everybody knows exactly who the splaff is when they meet them at night but due to state dependent memory have little memory of them when they are sober.
The place got trashed last night. That splaff knocked over tables and glasses. They're not getting in here again.
by DonAdrianoDeArmando August 25, 2012
(n.) A mixture of tobacco & marijuana usually in the ratio of 90:10.
(v.) to spark a splaff.
Gus splaff'd so hard Phoebe couldn't get him hard
by HieuHefner August 07, 2014
the noun or verb relating to (male or female) ejaculate
ewan's sheets are like fucking jacob's crackers with the amount of splaff on them!
by khronk June 26, 2003
A marijuana joint laced with acid
My friend dbase smoked a splaff, tripped balls, spent the night in a hospital and died for a moment.
by vegasjoe May 10, 2007
When a male cums on a woman
"I Splaffed all over that girl i slept with last night"
by Barry Sharp December 23, 2002

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